Don’t want to sleep

It’s 2 a.m., and Mike is snoring lightly by my side, snug in our new bed. Our bedroom still smells of fresh paint (with an added hint of popcorn and Sainsbury’s prawn layered salad). Zoe got on the 380 bus about an hour ago, after a giggly day of inventions and good intentions, and I’ve spent hours browsing WordPress themes and used my best endeavours to turn her emotional journeys into comedic entertainment for our new project.

The third wine bottle has just been emptied, and with everyone gone I’m rounding off the evening with some comforting tunes from the best voice in Sweden. I still can’t decide if I prefer the magic of late night quietude or the vigour of early morning sunshine. I guess the answer is to just stay awake all the time.

greenwich night


  1. This morning I woke up at 5 to get to catch Simpsons Gap at sunrise, the last of the desert oasis’ that we’ll be visiting on this trip. Driving in first light I thought of how much I love that time of day, so clear and still, ‘the veil is thin’ they say. Even though it can be hard to wake up, sunrise is the time :)

    1. For sure, it’s such a special time! I remember especially early mornings in Sweden, having stayed up all night and seeing the sun rise to shine on the cobweb droplets scattered over the fields, and the world was just completely and utterly still. So beautiful, there are no words.

      I wish I could teleport myself over to you once in a while :) Much love <3

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