Winter night in Dalston

Last weekend, in search of the promised adventures of 2015, Karin and I braved the cold of winter and took to Dalston for some late night frolicking. We started off gently in the colourful Hysteria on Kingsland Road, where I ordered my trusty Southern-Comfort-lemonade-and-lime and was able to sit still for two whole minutes before my camera fingers became itchy (sorry, Karin!).


hysteria dalston

hysteria dalston

hysteria dalston


lemon juice

hysteria dalston

In between the basement’s doodled crimson walls I made friends with Sana, who was there with her boyfriend, DJ Stylus.  They were eager models and invited me for future photo work on their DJ sets.  Turns out meeting people is easy when you have a camera to lead the way.

Stylus DJ

Soon it was time for a midwinter bimble, and we wandered down Kingsland Road listening out for merry chattering or hypnotic dub beats.  We passed several brimful venues where throngs of expectant party-goers formed long and uninviting queues, so instead we settled for some conversation in the quiet street.  We paid a brief visit to The Nest but quickly realised that those days are behind us (but what memories we have!).

Later we discovered the unlikely venue of Escudo de Cuba, where the owner served us olives on toothpicks and free tequila shots, after which our restless butts once again hit the chilly streets.  Soon we will have balmy summer evenings through which to ramble aimlessly, oh I can’t wait!


Then, by some fortunate accident, we stumbled upon the hidden gem of Gillett Square.  Some noise was spilling from a corner where an improvised Ethiopian bar was serving smoothies, coffees, and £2 craft beers.  A group of truly random characters had gathered to see out the night together, and we soon found ourselves shaking our booties in something resembling a minicab office, and befriending some anomalous mavericks ostensibly flying on some powerful psychedelics.

gillett square



gillett square dalston

Eventually weariness and cold took over, and we slumbered our way through two nightbuses and crashed in Karin’s bed when the sun was just about to reappear.  At 11am I snuck out of bed, grabbed my things, and walked home in a light drizzle, and everything looked beautiful.

Warming ales and fairy lights

dial arch

Karin and I took to the pub for a pint of Winter Warmer, and had a play with my precious camera I got from my darling Mike. Woolwich doesn’t have a whole lot to offer, but the Dial Arch down by the river is a bricks-and-brews wonder pub.

karin and kajsa

English pubs have a special place in my heart – especially when outside is dark and bitter, and cold is seeping in through our draughty windows at home.


It’s been ten years since we moved to London together, K-dawg and I. We’ve spent a third of our lives here. What a ride it has been.